1980s in america essay

A factor in the recovery from the worst periods of was the radical drop in oil prices due to increased production levels of the midswhich ended inflationary pressures on fuel prices. Reagan also continued American support for the autocratic Philippine President Ferdinand Marcosan ardent anti-Communist.

Moreover, it was a watershed ushering out the commitment to government anti-poverty programs and affirmative action characteristic of the Great Society. Salvadoran Civil War — — part of the cold war conflicts, reached its peak in the s, 70, Salvadorans died.

Thus, 1980s in america essay industries such as automobiles and steelfaced renewed competition abroad and within the domestic market as well.

Santa Barbara had done its duty; Santa Barbara had to go. The two countries had been historically dominated by multinational corporations and wealthy landowning oligarchs while most of their population remained in poverty; as a result, predominantly Marxist revolutionary leaders had won increasing support from the peasantry in both nations.

The conflict continues through the present day Darfur genocide. Significant political reforms occurred in a number of communist countries in eastern Europe as the populations of these countries grew increasingly hostile and politically active in opposing communist governments.

With 1980s in america essay a high demand for dollars due in large measure to government borrowingthe dollar achieved an alarming strength against other major currencies.

In Santa Barbara, people had manners. Reaganomics Ronald Reagan promised an economic revival that would affect all sectors of the population. You want those, too, be it on your windowsill or just outside your apartment building, towering amid piles of post-industrial rubbish.

The Northeast and Midwest have remained more committed to social programs and more interested in regulated growth than the wide-open, sprawling states of the South and West. He also promised an end to "big government" and to restore economic health by use of supply-side economics.

The campaign was marked by numerous blunders by Dukakis, including most famously a campaign ad featuring Dukakis in an M1 Abrams tank. He repudiated what he felt was its corruption, inefficiency and anti-Americanism.

Americans could catch up with the news at any time by watching CNN. Early in his first term, the president attacked the rival superpower as the " evil empire ".

Shortly afterward, the U. He was followed in quick succession by Yuri Andropovthe former KGB chief, and Konstantin Chernenkoboth of whom were in poor health during their short tenures in office. It is a large communist movement" [1]referring to active Communist guerrillas operating in the Philippines at the time.

The 1980s American Soap Opera That Explains How Russia Feels About Everything

They also aimed to reduce government spending on welfare and social services geared toward the poorer sectors of society which had built up during the s.

The virtual collapse of the OPEC cartel enabled the administration to alter its tight money policies, to the consternation of conservative monetarist economists, who began pressing for a reduction of interest rates and an expansion of the money supply, in effect subordinating concern about inflation which now seemed under control to concern about unemployment and declining investment.

The Soviets were already spending massive amounts on defense, and developing a counterpart to SDI was far more than their economy could handle. Army helped transform militaristic dictatorships into pillars of liberal democracy—one of the most significant developments of the twentieth century.

The "fall of the Berlin Wall " was seen as a symbol of the fall of the Eastern European Communist governments in He favored a hawkish approach to the Cold War, especially in the Third World arena of superpower competition. Notable world leaders[ edit ]. The consumer electronics industry which had begun declining in the s was one of the worst victims of dumping and other unfair Japanese trade practices.

Do you know the word entropy? The United States engaged in significant direct and indirect conflict in the decade via alliances with various groups in a number of Central and South American countries claiming that the U.

The 1980s: American Pop Culture History

It also signaled a commitment to a hawkish foreign policy. Supply-side economists were against the welfare state built up by the Great Society. With the risks of promiscuous behavior rising to a mortal level, monogamy and "safe sex" with condoms were practiced more regularly.

Reagan finally won approval for Anthony Kennedy. After the deaths of three elderly Soviet leaders in a row sincethe Politburo elected Gorbachev Soviet Communist Party chief inmarking the rise of a new generation of leadership.

What followed is well-known: Many family farms in the Midwest and elsewhere were ruined by high interest rates and sold off to large agribusinesses. In Afghanistan, Reagan massively stepped up military and humanitarian aid for mujahideen fighters against the Soviet proxy government there, providing them with Stinger anti-aircraft missiles.

59d. Life in the 1980s

MTV, or Music Television, brought a revolution to the recording industry. It entered the Russian vernacular, as a denotation for any hopelessly tortuous, excessively dramatic kind of relationship.The s (pronounced "nineteen-eighties", commonly shortened as the "'80s", pronounced "eighties") was a decade of the Gregorian calendar that began on January 1.

Many people will remember the 's as a decade that renewed America's sense of optimism and created a new confidence in its future as well as its leaders. The Reagan Era: A History of the s (Columbia University Press, ) Schmertz, Eric J.

et al. eds. Ronald Reagan's America 2 Volumes () articles by scholars and officeholders Schmertz, Eric J. et al. eds. Ronald Reagan and the World () articles by scholars and officeholders. The s were an era defined by conservative politics, the rise of computer technology and the end of the Cold War, as well as s fashion and music.

Learn more on mi-centre.com Perhaps the product that introduced the greatest change in American lifestyles of the s was the personal computer. Introduced by Apple inthe personal computer allowed management of personal finances, quick word-processing, and desktop publishing from the home.

This was a political event because it caused a change in the government. Americans wanted a firm, patriotic leader who had a plan to fix the economic problems carrying over from the s.

1980s in america essay
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