A case for incorporating pop culture

Reward students by letting them listen to a favorite song during independent work time or at the end of the day when you are cleaning up and getting ready to go home. After an initial viewing, during which they also had the lyrics before them on paper, I asked them to talk about what they had observed.

Music is a fantastic tool for building reading fluency. You can watch video clips with people from all walks of life. Turn on the captions to support all of your students when incorporating A case for incorporating pop culture activities.

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19 Witty iPhone Cases Plucked from Pop Culture

In short, I will always enjoy using Glee to teach kairosbut will be sure to provide them appropriate vocabulary to explore how the text performs kairotically. Their own lack of expertise in music also often left them struggling to articulate their analysis of the material: They include lists of popular, age-appropriate media for kids.

She enjoys reading, knitting, and camping. Math is a subject that many kids dislike. These students are often reluctant to speak, so movie and TV clips can be used as a springboard to get students excited and get them talking.

Connect each spelling word with an image. Besides education, her other passion is writing and she has always dreamed of being a writer. Give students the lyrics to a popular song and read and sing along. There are many areas in which incorporating pop culture can bring fun and focus to your class.

Use tunes from favorite songs to make a new song and spell out words, or draw if your students have trouble with writing. Helping kids take an interest in their learning is what counts. Like I tell my students about writing, teaching pop culture texts is a choice with both advantages and disadvantages.

I showed them the video first with lyrics, inviting them to takes notes on anything they noticed in particular: A Few Tips for Success Keep these tips in mind when you incorporate any pop culture into your lessons.

Depending on where you teach, your students may have little exposure to diversity.

Pop Culture in The Classroom: How & Where to Incorporate It

In this specific case, I agree with my students. Students on the autism spectrum often have an interest that they are passionate about. One of the most excellent tools out there is google image search.

The various advantages and disadvantages of the material, however, I intend here to further explain. Ask your students to identify any other shows or movies with characters that had especially good social skills e. Incorporating this into their daily routine can be a powerful way to motivate them.

Incorporating Pop Culture Texts in the Classroom

Students are easily interested in them, but sometimes lack critical vocabularies to explore them. Use content as a springboard for learning. You can even look up music videos with karaoke lyrics to help students follow along.

If you have students in your classroom who are learning English while trying to learn everything else, you know the importance of immersing your students in the language.

For students with reading difficulties, books at a lower level or with many illustrations may be more suitable. Contact Pop Culture in The Classroom:Be Unique. Shop pop culture phone cases created by independent artists from around the globe.


Weak Organizational Culture and Past Practices such as. Incorporating Pop Culture Texts in the Classroom.

Submitted by Rachel Schneider 04 Oct. Author: Rachel Schneider. Image Credit: DestinysChildVEVO. In order to improve my course design and teaching, I ask my students at each semester’s end for feedback on the assignments and course texts.

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A case for incorporating pop culture
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