A fictional story about the wwf world hevyweight championship

The Ultimate Warrior introduced three coloured straps white, yellow, blue for the winged eagle belt between Jim Cornette and Bobby Heenan, during interviews fromlauds the merits of Rogers and how he along with Gorgeous George introduced the wrestling persona to the sport.

The championship belt also had four identical side plates. The two earlier collections mentioned above both focused on championships that were kept within the WWE for their entire duration. They consisted of silver plates on a black strap, the center plate read "WWF" at the top. Undertaker v Kurt Angle exceeded every expectation going in, which is saying something considering the calibre of the two men in the match.

A fictional story about the wwf world hevyweight championship

In the first real waste of potential, the WCW era is pretty much glossed over completely, with only the period where Flair brought the physical belt to WWE in an act that gives his reasoning for screwing Bret in Montreal an air of hypocrisy and a look at the guys who held the belt in that company.

A battle royal at Judgment Day decided the new champion. The design continued to be used until Apart from the usual black leather strap, The Ultimate Warrior wore white, light blue, yellow, and purple variations. Due to this, the center plate was an outline of the continental United States, and there were two shield-shaped side plates with grapplers on them; the plates were on a red leather strap On the center plate, there was a circle flanked by grapplers, and the circle was designed to contain a photograph of the titleholder.

As an aside, some may find it strange to hear Gene Kiniski keep kayfabe throughout his little talking-head segment, but as the footage of him was taken fromit makes more sense.

Flair v Magnum T. Above the circle was a shield with an eagle atop it with stars on opposite sides of the shield. George Hackenschmidt won the title in a tournament in The documentary, especially the first third, is a fascinating look back on the origins of professional wrestling and how it evolved into what we know as Sports Entertainment today.

WWE Championship/Champion gallery

The scratch WWE logo, placed between an eagle on top and the word "Champ" and a name plate below, could be spun like spinner wheels or a turntable in keeping with the hip-hop theme. Customized designs Custom championship belts have been created to honor certain reigning champions or match their characters.

The wrestlers, the fans, the commentary team of Taz and Cole, the finish; everything is at its peak. John Cena v Chris Jericho is another great bout, with the post-match being particularly worth watching I never tire of wrestlers celebrating among the fans, especially if they have family there too and, to close the night out, Jeff Hardy v Edge from Extreme Rules last year is an awesome Ladder Match featuring two pioneers of that match stipulation.

The quality continues through the beginning of the TV era, the amazing career of Lou Thesz and the arrival of the original Nature Boy, the stunningly charismatic Buddy Rogers. A new title history began, with Triple H becoming the inaugural champion after being awarded the belt by Eric Bischoff.

Once you get past that, the match itself is really good, with Vader being the great heel that he was and Steamboat, as always, the great underdog babyface. WWE may also present a custom belt to exceptionally notable people for their efforts in their profession.

A new era was dawning. Edge was going to have a completely new custom belt designed, but due to time constraints, it did not get made.

The center plate was similar to the previous design, but became fully rounded, and the side plates were updated.

History Of The WWWF/WWF/WWE World Heavyweight Championship

On each side was a divider bar and a large plate. He won several tournaments around the world to be recognized as a World Champion, and he was officially declared a World Champion in The first, against Flair in the cage, is the only misstep on the second disc. This version of the title belt was worn by the inaugural champion Buddy Rogers in and the second champion Bruno Sammartino.

WWE Championship

Thesz lost and regained the belt in Also, the commentary from Jim Ross and Dusty Rhodes is brilliant. Hogan, who is tarred with the selfish brush, rightly or wrongly, did all he could to put Goldberg over as the next legend in pro-wrestling.

The live crowds are fantastic and every single bout on the first disc is a joy to watch. The main downer is that the documentary portion is too short. Lastly, for Hogan, we have possibly the most intense night in Nitro history.

First, the design, on an indigo colored strap, contained three shield-shaped plates.History of the World Heavyweight Title, recognized by World Wrestling Entertainment, formerly known as World Wide Wrestling Federation and World Wrestling Federation.

and John Bradshaw Layfield in a 4-way elimination match; also retains the title in a 20min limit "Championship Scramble", during which participants can become the temporary. Sports Quiz / History of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Random Sports or WWE Quiz Can you name every WWE Champion?

Fictional Tournament: 1st: House show: 1st: House show: 1st: House show: 1st: House show: 2nd: House show: 1st: WWF/WWE Hardcore Champions 11; Top User Quizzes in Sports.

Following in the footsteps of previous releases focusing on the WWE and Intercontinental Championships, this retrospective look back on the history of the World Heavyweight Championship, a title that, arguably, runs from the belt around the waist of Chris Jericho at the moment, back to the early days of the NWA some say even further back than.

WWF World Heavyweight Championship also only ever worn by Hulk Hogan ( - ) First version of the WWF "Winged Eagle" Heavyweight Championship was on dark blue strap and had silver accents. The NCW Heavyweight Championship is a world heavyweight championship created and promoted by Northern Carnage Wrestling (NCW).

WWE: The History of the World Heavyweight Championship DVD Review

The belt was created at the last NWA-NCW show, and it has been the main title in the company ever since. The title is currently held by Sokka, who is in his third reign. The WWF International Heavyweight Championship is a former world heavy weight championship recognized by Capitol Wrestling Corporation, the World Wrestling Federation, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and the Japanese mi-centre.comion: World Wrestling Federation.

A fictional story about the wwf world hevyweight championship
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