An introduction to the magical power of cosmetics

These ingredients fill in the spaces between the cells in the skin, replace lipids thus smoothing and lubricating rough skin Emollients are either: Formulation and common ingredients… Fragrances give the product a fresh, pleasing odor and cover up the smell of other ingredients. Mix the to with continuous stirring.

Their use is widespread, especially among women. Formula Stearic acid Particle size and abrasiveness. Formula Hard soap in fine powder Permanent application of pigments tattooing is also used cosmetically Introduction…: Pass it through fine sieve. Lip balm is a lip cosmetic product which generally has medicinal purposes Classification of cosmetics…: General Method of Preparation of face powder: Lip Plumper is distributed as a viscous liquid applied to the lips with a roller or brush applicator.

FDA defines cosmetics as: Dentifrices are the preparations meant to be applied to the teeth with a tooth brush for the purpose of cleaning the accessible surface of the teeth.

Formula Bees wax 5. Fragrances in skin-care products are the most likely cause of skin irritations or contact allergies. Weak solutions of H 2 O 2 are often employed as hair bleaches Hair lotions and hair sprays are used to condition the hair, keep it in place, or make it glossy.

Formulation and common ingredients… once cosmetic products have been formulated, it cannot stay in purified form for long will denaturefall out of solution, or stick to the sides of the container. Classification of cosmetics… Hair-coloring dyestints, and rinses, available in many shades and colors, are widely used cosmetic products.

Melt the wax, white soft paraffin, hard paraffin on a water bath. Cosmetics include skin-care creamslotionspowdersperfumeslipsticksfingernail and toenail polishes, eye and facial makeup, permanent waves, hair colors, hair sprays and gelsdeodorantsbaby products, bath oils, bubble bathsbath saltsbutters and many other types of products.

Mix the two powder thoroughly.PowerPoint Presentation: INTRODUCTION COSMETICS: It means any articles intended to be rubbed, poured, sprinkled, or sprayed on or introduced in to or applied to any part of the human body, for cleaning, beautifying, promoting-attractiveness or altering the appearance & Includes any articles intended for use as a component of cosmetics.

Cosmetics are products created for skin & hair care for the purpose of cleansing, GENERAL INTRODUCTION: INTRODUCTION TO COSMETICS – HISTORY AND EVOLUTION.

CHAPTER 1 GENERAL INTRODUCTION. 2 were made that “improved” on nature’s power and today, the vast majority of cosmetic. introduction cosmetics: are substances used to enhance or protect the appearance or odor of the human body.

A subset of cosmetics is called "make-up", "makewhich refers primarily to colored products intended to alter the user¶s appearance. appearance.5/5(1). Neiman Marcus — Shop the Beauty Event and receive a Tote with your $+ Cosmetics/Fragrances purchase, or receive a Travel Brush Set with your $+ purchase, ends 9/; Ulta — 21 days of beauty is here, check today’s deals here, ends 9/ Introduction: Introduction Many manufacturers distinguish between decorative cosmetics and care cosmetics recent years have seen an increasing market for prescription or surgical cosmetic procedures.

range from temporary enhancements, such as cosmetic colored contact lenses, to major cosmetic surgery. In cosmetics, surfactants are used for cleansing, foaming, thickening, emulsifying, solubilizing, penetration enhancement, antimicrobial effects, and other special effects.

The key property of surfactant molecules that makes them useful cosmetic ingredients is that they are compatible with both water and oil.

An introduction to the magical power of cosmetics
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