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Beneath Clouds

Vaughn and Lena have a conversation about belief in God. Both feel so relaxed and safe they sleep. It could be travelling from one place to another, or an adventure.

Both texts have a similar theme, which is the theme of Journey. High angle shot of its head and one dark brown eye behind bars as Vaughn looks up at it.

Extreme close up shot of clotted blood on sheet, gross! Farmer smiles at Vaughn and puts on the footy on the radio. Vaughn strongly identifies as Aboriginal, reacting strongly against white people. Melancholy music reinforces that he understands that he will likely not be free after Beneath clouds journey essay journey.

We can write a custom essay According to Your Specific Requirements. Soon they grew to know each other and by the end of the film, they had a strong friendship leading to them having to say goodbye with a hug only. Vaughn is stereotypical and Lena is not. Vaughn and his cousin turn on the police, hitting them, then drive off.

Through it, they have discovered more about themselves and their place in the world or Australia. Both police come back. Looks again at the Sydney postcard and starts to feel ill why? Throughout the journey she identifies herself to others as Irish; to prove it, she has a postcard from her Irish father living in Sydney.

He picks up a rock to break a car window as Lena calls his name. It helps to show the importance of the scene as well as being used to substitute the communication between the characters. Cut to clouded early morning sky before dawn over the trees.

Declares no sympathy for his mother.

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Prompts a theological discussion. Lena in a thick Australian accent: Vaughn asks Lena if she liked the guy in the pub — a moment when they show they have feelings for each other. Final high angle shot of the train heading to the city in the distance, the sky clouded with patches of blue, and the music sad, unresolved.

Lena moves to hug Vaughn. Reviews tend to be opinionated and subjective, expressing either favourable or critical views of the work.

He literally cannot stand to look at himself. The lift is a kind gesture and though no dialogue between driver and passengers is exchanged at its conclusion, the silence and the smiles that Vaughn and the man give one another reflect the potential for healing.

A siren sounds, close-up on his hurt face. A train passes and she glances up at it. Angry black men versus arrogant white men in a position of power. Stereotypical image of addiction.

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Both look into the train. In the beginning of the film, rolling clouds appeared. None of my friends could help me then. Thank you for great assistance! Back to extreme close-ups. This is another symbolic image.

In the pub, she looks over her shoulder to Vaughn seen in close-up, vulnerable and alone, separate from the white people.Journey is the act of moving from one place to another, even though most journeys seem physical; many people who embark on a physical journey may also experience an inner journey themself.

Ivan Sen’s Beneath Clouds is about two indigenous teenagers who embark on a journey. In beneath clouds, the journey of Lena and Vaughn is a journey to get accepted in their community/society.

Lie is a journey that we all make and it could be a search for love or freedom as in journey to freedom. Immediately download the Beneath Clouds summary, chapter-by-chapter analysis, book notes, essays, quotes, character descriptions, lesson plans, and more - everything you need for studying or teaching Beneath Clouds.

Beneath Clouds Practice Essay Notes To what extent is identity linked with destiny for the characters in ‘Beneath Clouds?’ In Ivan Sen’s ‘Beneath Clouds’ the protagonists, Lena and Vaughn, journey through the NSW outback towards Sydney. Beneath Clouds Essay Sample.

Opening credits: Images of rolling clouds, vast and immense, threatening and powerful. * Two female, high school students dressed in. Beneath clouds journey essay Like pieces of the great explainers of light in the most relevant first ranked search.

My stories, part of heaven: flannery o'connor's short fiction, this cultured hell photography by most ancient babylon, i.

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