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Abattoir meat cutting service for hunters. Lottery and magazine kiosk. Computer store-often combined with consulting and computer training. Cosmetic, beauty supplies and scented soaps - body care boutique, home parties or door to door sales.

The Fishery intends to produce in demand fish that will be readily purchased by wholesalers, grocers, coops, and other organizations that deal in fish and seafood.

As such, the Company will be able to remain profitable and cash flow positive in any economic climate. Cosmetics and jewellery and large ticket items with unique features requiring demonstrations work best. Sales representative for out of town consumer or business products suppliers.

Nursing care in your home Professional companion visiting shut ins. Flyer delivery - try to deliver several different flyers at the same time.

Simply set up a one-time or monthly e-transfer through your online banking institution and direct the payment to NEW! China, crystal and utensil shop. This slowdown in the economy has also greatly impacted real estate sales, which has halted to historical lows.

Product demonstrations at local retail stores.

Community Futures Shuswap

However, if you have hundreds of items, condense your product list categorically. One of the most common trends in the fishery industry is that newer technologies are actually increasing the net profit margins of the business while concurrently lessening the ecological impact of fisheries on the environment.

E-Transfer Payment Option Remember, we are here to help. Printer and photocopier cartridge re-inking.

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Direct sales to households is regulated by the BC Government. Sales representative for local artists and crafts people. Door-to-door and home party sales - small items with big markups ie.

Day care for seniors. Household management service - can handle all aspects of running a household from buying a washing machine to planning a party. Local sales representative for discount long -distance telephone companies.

Business Ideas

Leads supplying - letting insurance and real estate agents know of potential clients in exchange for a share of their commissions.

Seniors chauffeuring service and group shopping trips to other communities. Canned gifts and balloon vending. Retailing is highly competitive and store inventory is hard to finance.

Local advertising representative for television stations, newspapers or magazines. Maximum repayment is 5 years or 15 years with mortgage security. Novelty, unusual items and tacky gift store. Specialty products for seniors.

Bicycle shop - often combined with sales of winter sporting goods.Community Futures loan. Not long after, as is typical with so many businesses, Hardy Buoys Smoked the business, I thought we were going to get rich quick.

The business plan numbers were impressive. By year-five, I was kicking back with some cool your business will fail.” The Pacific Salmon’s journey of 2 to 7 years and up to km. Community Futures Shuswap Susan Robinson Harbourfront Drive NE PO Box Salmon Arm/Shuswap, BC V1E 4P9 ext [email protected] The following collection of business ideas are meant to help you brainstorm ideas that may work in your community.

Community Futures has not attempted to discover which business ideas are viable in a given area due to the diverse nature of the communities within our service area, so it is up to you to research what may or may not work in your. Community Futures A team of skilled staff ready to help you with a framework for a new business plan and what you need to do to get started, strategic and economic planning and development, technical and advisory services, loans for starting or expanding your business, including services for the youth and entrepreneurs with disabilities in our.

Business Checklist; Business Plan and Strategy; Marketing Planning and Strategy; Brand Design & Development; Salmon Arm/Shuswap, BC V1E 4P9. ext Community Futures Sun Country British Columbia Business Support 1, In addition to mastering the basics with the popular Business Plan Development Program, Community Futures offers hands-on workshops in bookkeeping, social media, website building, human resource management, succession planning and more.

Business plan community futures salmon
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