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Operations Impact- Lead time will be longer if demand is high in quality 4 Flexibility- Flexibility gives more choices for customers. This gives more lead time for delivery to customers.

Currently, the manufacturing schedule is running without any set organization which is hurting the standard line and producing excess inventory.

Staff and equipment could be increased to improve productivity. Customers of the standard line are price sensitive and demand fast delivery times. Instead, the custom line receives priority while the standard line is often left waiting at various points in the process. The standard line could be eliminated.

Future Alternatives As the company grew, it should have taken some steps to prevent the current problems.

In this aspect, the Competitive capabilities are the Cost, Quality, Time, and Flexibility dimensions that a process or value chain actually processes and is able to deliver.

The most restrictive alternative would be to eliminate the standard line and focus only on high Chads creative concept essay, custom furniture. Sales are rising for the standard line. Planning software could help Chad better forecast inventory needs and utilize capacity.

Chad must determine how to best meet the competitive priorities of both of his furniture lines in order to manage his operations most successfully. Processing and delivery times are increasing. How has the move to producing standard furniture affected the company financial structure?

What is the best solution and why… Chad should analyze and improve his scheduling, capacity planning, and inventory management to process both furniture lines better.

The points of view relevant to this problem belong to… Chad Thomas, sales force, plant workers, and customers. If products are produced more efficiently then sales would need to go up, requiring more of the sales force.

Profits are not where they should be. Identify the problem s and uncertainties. Costs for the standard line are also increasing.

Sales and marketing of the standard furniture line put constraints on the staff and equipment at the plant, as they tried to meet the demands of both of the furniture lines.

In an example illustration of a retail outlets or shops, failure of timely delivery will cause a stock-out. Sales and marketing also impact the delivery times imposed on the processing team.Introduction • Case Findings• Problems• Reasons behind the problems• Questions and Answers • Chads Creative Concepts is a company foundedby Chad Thomas that.

Chad’s Creative Concepts began as a manufacturer of high-quality, custom-made wooden furniture. The client base has been the vacation cabin residents surrounding its Sandusky, Ohio location. The company grew successful selling its custom furniture and eventually as sales increased, the sales force began selling to retailers.

The furniture demanded by retailers is standardized, price. Read this essay on Chad's Creative Concept Case Study. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays. Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Essay on Chad's Creative Concept • Introduction• Case Findings• Problems• Reasons behind the problems• Questions and Answers • Chads Creative Concepts is a company foundedby Chad Thomas that designs and manufactureswood furniture.• The company began by.

Chad’s Creative Concepts. Q1. Continue for 3 more pages» • Join now to read essay Chad’s Creative Concepts and other term papers or research documents. Summary: Chad's Creative Concept is a manufacturing company producing custom-made wooden furniture for cabins in the Great Lake area.

The company was successful, increase its/5(1). Chad’s Creative Concept best marketing strategy is the quality furniture they produce for both product lines. Moreover, customers of standard furniture line imposed more stringent delivery requirements, increased lead time for both product lines causes longer agreed delivery times which may garner dissatisfied customers and tarnish company.

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Chads creative concept essay
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