Change management plan paper and defense

Therefore, these two departments are least likely to adapt to continuous change. Leadership not providing a strong enough why. Anyone caught working on their own company during Cincom work hours will be put on 90 day performance probation and let go if they do not turn around their productivity.

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These two departments are expected to put up the most resistance to change. Considering individual goals is important but to be an effective department, team goals must also be considered as this has much impact not just on the department but for the organization as a whole.

Employees surveyed also felt that managers do not lead by example, that there is little company mentoring, teams do not feel empowered, and that both departments lack a culture of risk-taking and conflict resolution. The sales and delivery department must make some changes such as involving employees in problem-solving, and implementing a formal conflict resolution process.

According to the Simulation here are the issues that faces CrysTel: For instance, CrysTel marketing department is weak in communication, does not empower its teams, has been unsuccessful in leading by example, and has failed to develop its less experienced workers.

The Major Implications of Change Change management plan paper and defense CrysTel Change is never an easy task but CrysTel realizes that in order to compete globally and be considered as a leading force in the industry, it must exhaust all its resources and talents to remain innovative.

Senior managers are thus advised to focus on leading rather than managing change. Excerpt from Change management plan paper and defense Paper: Analyze three future leadership challenges that CrysTel might face in the next 5 to 10 years.

With the advent of the internet and wireless technology, any company that wishes to remain competitive must continually find ways to stay ahead of the competition. Also, there is a lack of training and mentoring in this department, thus resulting in poor performance.

Crys-Tel is experiencing regular changes in both the administrative and technological side of the business. While the technology development personnel are encouraged to approach a conflict resolution committee to address unresolved conflicts, the sales and delivery department are only allowed to address conflicts or issues during the semi-annual performance review.

Next, the paper will confer the proposed change model and the potential impact that human variables and resistance to change will have on the process. This implication of change is resistance to change by the organization. Building on change and institutionalizing it also needs to center on examples provided by leaders who begin to redefine the core values of a company by showing which behaviors, both through their actions and their praise, matter most Hoadley, Lamos, Hence, this results in a lower score than the other departments in this area on the climate survey.

By far organizational resistance by employees and managers when attempting implementing the change plan is the biggest obstacle to overcome.

In addition, the company needs to consider a reliable change management plan that will address and help to overcome workplace resistance when employees are presented with a new way of doing things. The Major Implications of Change at CrysTel Change is never an easy task but CrysTel realizes that in order to compete globally and be considered as a leading force in the industry, it must exhaust all its resources and talents to remain innovative.

I will next focus on the greatest limiting factor or implication of change not only for CrysTel but also for organizations across the globe looking to impliment change. What role does leadership play in organizational change?

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In the sales department, an attitude and behavior modification in the areas of leadership, teamwork, communication and mentoring will be critical. CrysTel, a thus far successful telecommunication firm is one such company which has been struggling to maintain its market share because of increased competition in the telecommunications industry as well as from cable companies who offer complete home and small business communications packages including internet service, television and land and cell telephone services.

Change Management Plan and Defense

This will foster a positive and productive working climate. The company is then challenged to motivate its employees to buy into and support the changes. Similarly, the sales and delivery department does not subscribe to a participative leadership style, rarely engages in risk-taking and in mentoring its teams, and is not proactive in the conflict resolution process.

Implications of Organizational Change Organizational change can be described as the process of moving away from a current condition to realize some future state. The CEO needs to also underscore these first five areas of the 8-step process with solid examples of how employees who choose to excel at their jobs can earn significantly higher performance reviews and corresponding raises.

These changes will invade every level of the organization? Develop a vision and strategy: Create and implement a communication strategy that consistently communicates the new vision and strategic plan.

Like most companies in the industry, CrysTel is confronted with much competition and is constantly challenged to remain innovative.

Without effective emphasis on group thinking and working towards a goal as a team, employees succumb to work towards individual goals rather than focusing on team efforts. In addition, increasing employee confidence in decision- making, encouraging creative thinking, and creating a training program are important to the change that will need to be implemented in the sales and delivery department during this step.

Goals set for change are not supported by resources or personnel. The lack of performance review appraisal processes at Cincom is turning the company into a haven into employees no company really wants.

Building on the change and institutionalizing the change must also be centered on examples in the two most strategically important areas of the company that have been plagued with exceptionally high turnover, which is slowing down new product development and revenue growth as well.

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In most cases, employees resist changes as they have been accustomed to doing things in a particular manner. Although the company has enjoyed much success, CrysTel also realized the need for change.Change Management Plan Paper and Defense University of Phoenix MBA Human Capital Development Group: GA06MBA06 November 2, Change Management Plan Paper and Defense "Change cannot be executed by merely announcing a new program Effective change must be built on the foundation that is already in the organization" (Kerfoot, ).

In. Check out our top Free Essays on Change Management Plan Paper And Defense to help you write your own Essay. Change Management Plan Paper and Defense Introduction CrysTel is a telecommunications company providing products, which include data cables, wireless solutions, and network development.

Change Management Plan Paper University of Phoenix Change Management Plan Paper This paper will discuss CrysTel a telecommunication company that has come to the realization that they need to develop a corporate culture that can support constant change. Running head: Change Management Plan Paper and Defense.

CrysTel Change Management Plan Paper and Defense

Change Management Plan Paper and Defense. University of Phoenix. MBA Transformational Leadership.

Change Management Plan Paper and Defense

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Change management plan paper and defense
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