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The international alarm and research efforts that Ebola paper in response to these outbreaks quickly dwindled when the only convincing evidence that Ebola virus infections were continuing among humans Ebola paper of a small outbreak in the Sudan in [ 14 ] and 1 case in Tandala, DRC, in [ 15 ].

Attempts to work in the remote areas where the monkeys were captured have been too dangerous due to political instability. The control of these introduced virus outbreaks in andchimpanzeeinbrid the s stimulated laboratory studies to improve diagnosis of nonhuman primate infections [ 223—28 ].

The main points to be brought out are that the world has become a much more sanitary one. It is believed that the population of Europe in was 83 million and by the population was down to 60 million.

The Viruses has many different strains including Marburg, Ebola Zaire, Reston and Sudan, each named after the location of their first clinical case. These rats had the bacterium in their blood. Marburg virus has been cultured from secretions or immunologically privileged sites 1—3 months after acute disease [ 4 ].

They each cause different symptoms and different mortality rates. Unfortunately, circumstances did not permit as close an evaluation as would have been desirable.

The major reason that the plague would have trouble becoming a major problem in a modern setting is the fact that it is a bacterium.

The plague was commonly found in rats. As the inclusion bodies grow and become more structured, the cell bursts and the viruses quickly find new cells to infect. Sporadic instances of the Marburg strain have been reported in several other African countries since then.

Ebola, the Second Known Filovirus Humans Meet Ebola Virus in Africa, In the late s, the international community was again startled, this time by the discovery of Ebola virus [ 10 ] as the causative agent of major outbreaks of hemorrhagic fever in the Democratic Republic of the Congo DRC [ 11 ] and Sudan [ 12 ].

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Being a virus it does not take on all of the characteristics of living beings. The last occurrence of the black plague being transmitted from rats to humans was in in Los Angeles killing 31 of the 32 infected. The information gathered during control efforts directed toward recent epidemics has provided considerable fundamental information about filoviruses.

One year into the Ebola epidemic: a deadly, tenacious and unforgiving virus

The history of the Ebola virus is much more modern. Due to the fact that a bacterium is living, acting and responding to stimulus in the way all living things do, it can be more easily targeted my modern medicine.

This is known as a lytic cycle. Rats were often found aboard ships and especially trade ships due to their abundance of food.

There was, however, evidence for Ebola virus RNA shed in semen and vaginal secretions for months [ 4452 ], although it was not possible to isolate virus. This disease was initially discovered in the year of in two different locations.Ebola Essays: OverEbola Essays, Ebola Term Papers, Ebola Research Paper, Book Reports.

ESSAYS, term and research papers available for UNLIMITED access. Jan 20,  · Research Paper on Ebola Virus Research Paper on Ebola Virus During the Dark Ages a plague swept through Asia and Europe killing millions of people, at the time it was unstoppable with a unique set of hosts. Ebola Research Paper - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

History of disease and its effects on humans as well as the chances of it becoming an airborne virus. (Bib5, Ebola Paper, 1) The Ebola virus spreads through the blood and is replicated in organs, including the liver, lymphatic organs, kidneys, ovaries and testes.

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The central lesions appear to be those affecting the vascular endothelium and the palates. Biology term papers (paper ) on The Ebola Virus: The Ebola Virus The Ebola virus is one of the most deadly viruses that man kind has ever seen. In clinical cases it has a mortality rate of 50% Term paper During the Reston epidemics, the situation became more difficult.

Monkeys with no likelihood of Ebola infection had positive titers, the titers could rise from negative to high levels, such as in an animal under observation, and application of Western blots failed to resolve the problem. The virus is not readily neutralized by convalescent.

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