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HCL people are very energetic; they want to do lots of things and to take risks on behalf of the company.

HCL inverted its organizational structure and placed more power in the hands of frontline employees, especially those in direct contact with customers and clients.

For example, if management at HCL Technologies withraw attention towards an employee, negative attention-seeking behavior no longer occurs.

It is an annual company-wide event that takes strategic discussions out of closed-door meetings to all employees. CEO Vineet Nayar is committed to creating a company where the job of company leaders is to enable people to find their own destiny by gravitating to their strengths.

F Skinner who reiterates the relevance of creating pleasing consequences in order to shape employee behaviour.

HCL Technologies Essay Sample

Nayar needs to be able to lead the organisation into the new modification strategies. According to Wood, et al, a reinforcer is a stimulus that follows a particular behavior and increases the probability that the behavior will occur How about first-line company supervisors?

Nayar has learned that negative staff attitudes such that new processes are unreliable and lengthy to implement can seriously encumber the change process and deliver negative outcomes Montalvo, HCL could create a culture that attracted and sustained creative employees.

What aspects of personality do you see in this story about HCL? It shows the adversity that creates the desire in people to reach out and create….

With each adversity they face, there is a greater desire to reach out and do something more. Punishment is the application of an aversive or unpleasant stimulus used as a reinforcement strategy, and could include demotions or loss of staff benefits.

The complete removal of reinforcement is called extinction Wood, et al, As we discussed in the chapter opener, one thing that Nayar has done is to pioneer a culture in which employees are first. This gave an upper-hand to the competitors and resulted in the slow growth.

Such a perspective has support from renowned psychologist, B. Extinction eliminates the enticement for unwanted behavior by withholding the anticipated response Wood, et al, Negative reinforcement is a method of training that uses a negative reinforcer.

To do this, he needs to be clear about the positive rewards and consequences that will come about from change. Few objectives were to create an environment of trust, transparency, and management accountability through open communication. The renowned psychologist B. Technologies Behaviour modification strategies.Essay on Hcl Technologies HCL Technologies To the outside world, HCL Technologies (38, employees, $1 billion plus in revenues) is just another big Indian IT services company, and on paper its structure and its processes look remarkably similar to.

Majority of my information will come from HCL Technologies case study with Nayar’s insights about the subject. Analyze trends and economic forces that impact changes in the global marketplace. The product that HCL Technologies sells is a service that customers use to make their business better.

HCL Technologies Essay Sample HCL Technologies is headquartered in the world’s largest democracy, so it’s quite fitting that the New Delhi-based company is attempting a radical experiment in workplace democracy.

HCL Technologies Essay

late s and s, as software and services became the trend, HCL slipped behind both Indian and multinational competitors. In AprilVineet became HCL Technologies’ president at the request of the founder and chairman, Shiv Nadar. At the time, the 41,employee HCL enterprise had $ billion in revenues and a market /5(1).

However, HCL Technologies also need to understand that if a manager withdraws praise and attention, performance can decline (McShane & Travaglione, ).

Hcl Technologies Case Study

Successful implementation of change is reliant on many factors, and an important part of the strategy is to collaboratively collate and process staff members’ ideas about the activity.

HCL TECHNOLOGIES: EMPLOYEE FIRST, CUSTOMER SECOND Introduction In AprilVineet Nayar,1 newly appointed president of HCL Technologies (HCL),2 took on the challenge of bringing the company to a leadership position in the IT services industry.

Hcl technologies essay
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