I am legend film critique

He relives the panic and terror on the streets as the citizens of the city try to escape before the infected take control.

I Am Legend, 2007 film review

Can he find the hope or desire to excel and advance in life? Workers visible in windows, spectators, and moving cars in the distance were all removed.

He sleeps with Sam in a bathtub, rifle in hand, with sounds of screaming surround the home. We see the pain in his eyes as he empathises with the loss of loved ones.

He fights them all and both are able to get out of the building. How is this movie different from other Will Smith sci-fi films? Then, a special effects test was conducted to remove all those people.

Carefully, Robert searches the darkened rooms. He revives her with an adrenaline shot and continues to adapt his serums in the hope of finding a cure. We see Robert dressed in a military uniform: As it takes off it, a nearby helicopter is attacked by infected and crashes into the helicopter carrying his family.

Robert and Sam have had a seemingly normal evening, eating processed food and watching tv. Which aspect of the movie is more interesting to you: Lawrence went to the city with a camcorderand filmed areas filled with crowds.

The scene, which had to meet requirements from 14 government agencies, involved crew members and 1, extras, including National Guard members. Director Francis Lawrence has a way with suspense; jumping out of your seat is almost a requirement here.

Development[ edit ] Washington Square on October 31, He cuts himself free finally just as dusk falls, but he falls on his knife and impales his leg. Robert makes note of this mouse and deems that specific compound ready for human trials.

Would you be able to make the selfless decisions he seems to make? The synopsis below may give away important plot points. This meant filming would have to begin in 16 weeks: Just as he is about to die a bright light shines on him and he blacks out. Robert enters the building as Sam will not return of his own accord.

In the meantime, he has to fend his enemies off -- which is no mean feat, considering how violent they are. Robert Neville Will Smith is driving through the deserted city accompanied by Sam, his dog.

A herd of deer leap across his path and he follows them gives chase at speed in the car.

I Am Legend

Robert stays back to kill as many of the infected as he can, blowing them to pieces along with himself, including the vicious alpha-male who has made a personal quest out of hunting Robert down.

The dream scene is interrupted by Neville waking to once again face his lonely reality. The previous night they had followed Anna back when she rescued Robert. Weeds grow on the streets, Times Square is deserted, the Flatiron Building sits neglected, and an eerie hush has fallen. Mark Protosevich was hired to write the script after the studio was impressed with his spec script of The Cell.

Krippen Emma Thompson is interviewed on TV about her great discovery: A lot of the movie takes place on a beautiful day. The alpha vampire directs other vampires not to attack Robert, who now vaccinates the female to return her to vampire form. He drives his car at speed into the hoards of infected who roam the streets at night.

This set a record for highest-grossing opening for a film for December. Anna gives the syringe with the antidote to the human leader of that small community and her voice over tells us of the legend that Robert Neville has become. Robert, Anna and Ethan now live together and keep on searching for other human survivors by sending messages in AM broadcasts.

During the night the infected have set the same trap he organized for them the previous day. Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids aboutOr perhaps the film simply doesn't have the same nuances as the Richard Matheson book on which it's based.

Still, you can't fault I Am Legend for trying to be different from the typical action thriller. I Am Legend is three film genres for the price of one: Science Fiction, Action, and Horror, and while it's no classic in any one arena it remains edgy fun.

July 30, | Rating: /5 Craig Phillips69%. I Am Legend is a American post-apocalyptic science fiction drama film based on the novel of the same name, directed by Francis Lawrence and starring Will Smith, who plays US Army virologist Robert Neville. The story is set in New York City after a virus, which was originally created to cure cancer, has wiped out most of mankind, leaving Music by: James Newton Howard.

I Am Legend, directed by Francis Lawrence, is the latest adaptation of Richard Matheson's novel of the same name, following two earlier versions - The Last Man on Earth () and The Omega. Dec 13,  · The opening scenes of "I Am Legend" have special effects so good that they just about compensate for some later special effects that are dicey.

We see Manhattan three years after a deadly virus has killed every healthy human on the island, except one. The streets are overgrown with weeds, cars are abandoned, the infrastructure is beginning to collapse.3/5.

Toronto Film Festival; Tribeca; SXSW; All Events; News & Community. LATEST HEADLINES Constantine director Francis Lawrence's I Am Legend follows the last man on Earth as he struggles to survive while fending off the infected survivors of a devastating vampire plague.

A brilliant scientist who raced to discover a cure for the man-made virus.

I am legend film critique
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