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Get it now on Searching for streaming and purchasing options Lynn makes a friend whose name is Amber and Kira kira grows to be a teenager, becoming interested in boys and spending more Kira kira with her friends Kira kira lesser time with Katie.

A lot or a little? The key to living is the decision to go on living. Lynn is eventually diagnosed with lymphoma and becomes even sicker and then her friends dump her. When they first move to Georgia, Lynn guides Katie around her new surroundings and teaches her to always be positive about things.

Cynthia Kadohata elaborated on so many themes from the personal connection of being Japanese in America to the universal theme This one never got to my currently reading shelf as I was too busy reading, or listening to it. I felt like I was a part of this family as Katie told me about her sister, brother, parents, and uncle, each one trying to take care of the others.

Katie holds close to her heart the Japanese term "Kira-Kira", which Lynn taught her. On reading it, she realizes that Lynn knew she was going to die and had written a will four days before her death.

However, Lynn starts feeling sporadically Kira kira and ill, and is diagnosed with anemia. Study diligently so you can go to college. Throughout this difficult time, Katie becomes just like Lynn, a sensible and independent girl. In this period, Lynn is portrayed to be highly sensible and independent as she teaches Katie to save money for their parents.

When Katie is six years old, her brother Samson known as Sammy is born. He also tells her the "B-word" stands for "bad lady. Katie realizes why Lynn had taught her the word kira-kira as Lynn wanted her to always look at the world as a shining place and to never lose hope, though there might be harsh hurdles.

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Lynn teaches her to be proud of who she is and is herself an excellent student, willing to work hard so she can someday go to college. To cheer everyone up, the family decides to take a vacation.

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Feb 07, Patricia rated it it was amazing This one never got Kira kira my currently reading shelf as I was too busy reading, or listening to it. When Katie enters school, she has difficulty being the only Japanese-American in her class.

From the sounds of the crickets resounding in the words of the title to the glitter of the world, I can see how this book deserved the Newbery award. I thought the way she let Katie change, grow up, understand from her reflections on her relationship with her sister that she could do well in school if she worked at it.

I had not known that Japanese people worked in this agricultural setting. Their parents are sometimes strict, but they are loving and kind. Katie is appalled that her father is now unemployed, but he tells her that there is another hatchery opening in Missouri, where he will probably work next, though it will be a longer drive.

What parents need to know Parents need to know that Kira-Kira is a story about a poor Japanese-American family living in the South during the s.

Some time later, Katie is woken up from her sleep to be told Lynn had died. Katie thinks of herself as a bad girl because she likes doing bad things, but modern readers will find her transgressions, such as having a messy room, mild.

Katie tries to support her grief-stricken parents by performing household chores and cooking, tasks she had formerly despised.

At some time everyone meets with trajedy and major disappointment. Lyndon, the owner of the hatchery. Sex Katie talks about her parents making babies but is unclear on what exactly this entails. It had been recommended to me two years ago by a friend who also got me into Audible Books.

Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. Plot summary[ edit ] In the early s, Katie and her family live in Iowa, where her parents own a Japanese supermarket.

The story while sad, is full of hope. This well crafted story will stick with me and I am sure that middle school students can read it.

Doing well at school is a metaphor for doing well in life.If you can dream it - you can design it! Learn 3D Printing and 3D Design with KiraKira. Girl faces racism, sister's cancer in touching tale. Read Common Sense Media's Kira-Kira review, age rating, and parents guide.

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