Lray villafuerte business plan

LRay Villafuerte said that it was Rep. Velasco and Christian Robert S. After all, we are the home of the first PEZA Philippine Economic Zone Authority approved tourism and IT information technology park owned, managed and operated by a local government unit.

COA to Villafuerte, et al: Huy! Soli Nyo Ung 275M Pesos?!

We relied on local revenues. Yusoph, Christian Robert S. With youth comes enthusiasm and a natural taste for innovation. According to him, one key ingredient for the success of the federal shift is the greater fiscal autonomy of LGUs.

Then like a dream, as the whole spectacle was, off Villafuerte went, back onto his convoy as quickly as he came, disappearing along with his magic show and mascots, cash and crew, performers and Pooh. A tent roofing provided protection from the sun, while a makeshift stage stood on the dusty ground.

Ombudsman pressed to speed up probe against LRay Villafuerte

The dance numbers were followed by a bizarre magic show where a painting of a bird was turned into a real dove, strips of paper into edible noodles.

I built a world-class water complex in a province that was not traditionally known as a tourist destination. On stage, LRay, like his father, spoke fluently in the local dialect. What is uncommon is how he excels at these interests — business, politics, and even sports — because of the beyond-common passion that he invests in all of them.

We were ranked the 39th poorest province in the country and we suffered from this stigma for many years. He tries to run about four or five times in a week. After being elected and serving for three consecutive terms, an elective local official cannot seek immediate reelection for the same office in the next regular election because he is ineligible.

LRay was chosen by Philippine President Gloria Macapagal - Arroyo over the most experienced governors in the Bicol Region because of his accomplishments and admirable performance.

The LRV girls, reminiscent of television dancers in noontime shows, grooved to pop songs wearing large smiles.

‘Speed up National Broadband Plan’

It was found that Villafuerte approved disbursement vouchers after Aliorde certified the documents as complete, while Rivera, Carlos and Gerardo Villafuerte certified in the obligation requests that the supporting documents were valid.

I am confident that this case will be dismissed in due time for being baseless and nothing more than an instrument of political harassment," he said. We are building a modern agri-business complex. The first running event LRay joined was the Unilab Run. He is sharp-tongued and curses often.

The amount is estimated to be P billion over the period alone. Villafuerte expressed the hope that the DBM would heed the SC decision, given that President Duterte himself is a former local government executive who is aware of the importance of the IRA in financially empowering LGUs and how this would help jumpstart the shift to federalism.

COA to Villafuerte, et al: Although considered a neophyte legislator, Congressman LRay has already filed close to a hundred bills as of writing — a strong display of commitment to his constituents and the public.

Courting voters Hours after the San Fernando graduation Luis attended, in another part of the province, LRay staged a mini outdoor rally in Minalabac town, at a basketball court tucked away in an unpaved side street. I am proud of the achievement, but I think that compared to my sons, Miguel, Julio and Luigi, I am defi nitely outranked and outclassed.

If you want the full Rappler. Tourism is not solely centered on the CWC and we are happy that it has only served as a springboard to other opportunities. Villarosa is not on all fours with this case. Eleven SKTF members complained to the police about the violent acts committed against them by a knife-wielding Andaya who was accompanied by his bodyguards and Pili Mayor Tomas Bongalonta Jr.

When LRay passed the reign to his son Migz, the current CamSur governor continued the program, aiming to plant 40 million trees by the year July 15,6:Si Villafuerte ay isa sa incorporator ng foundation, kahit na sya ay representative lamang ng provincial government.

CamSur Rep. Villafuerte charged with another graft case at Sandiganbayan

Noongnag-isyu ng 19 notices of disallowance ang COA para sa mga transaksyon na lumabag sa Section 89 ng Local Government Code na nagbabawal sa mga opisyal ng gobyerno na magkaroon ng business transactions sa.

Sep 17,  · We can be assured of this continuous rise in FDI once we fully implement soon enough the EODB Law,” Rep. LRay Villafuerte said. File Lawmaker: IRR on ease of doing business a priority. ‘Speed up National Broadband Plan’ implementation of its National Broadband Plan to keep the country’s internet connectivity and access in pace with the massive infrastructure buildup that the Duterte administration will carry out over the next five years.

Camarines Sur Rep. LRay Villafuerte noted that the government’s ambitious. LRay Villafuerte I look forward to the time when my people will have better paying jobs and realistic opportunities that will change their lives I don’t want to be another name on the building or a bookmark in history.

MANILA (UPDATED) - The Office of the Ombudsman filed another case of graft against Camarines Sur 2nd District Rep. Luis Raymund Villafuerte Jr.

Focus on eco, sports, tourism, DoT urged

at the Sandiganbayan over a security service contract he entered into as provincial governor from to allegedly without public bidding. Luis Raymund “LRay” Villafuerte Jr. was born on 3 June in Manila to Luis Villafuerte Sr.

and Nelly Favis. In elementary school, LRay was part of the De La Salle University’s track team, running short distances, sprints, and the meter dash.

Lray villafuerte business plan
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