Mountain top mining and the law essay

Mountaintop Removal in Appalachia

Doubleplusjeff talk Yanacocha is open pit, not mountaintop removal. Stream Buffer Zone Rule A federal stream buffer zone rule has been in place since prohibits surface coal mining operations within feet of a stream unless certain conditions could be met and protects these sources of clean water from toxic coal mining waste.

To understand what the poor are up against in Appalachia, you must understand mountaintop removal MTRthe latest and most extreme version of strip mining in which the tops of the mountains are blown away to gain easy access to the coal.

Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Other features include a photo gallery of Mountaintop removal sites and a scholarly essay on mountaintop removal practices in the Appalachian Mountains.

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But for the former residents of Lindytown, W. To go over a few of the more prominent examples that stuck out: With the word "removal", it is "biased" in favor of environmentalists, without the word "removal" it is biased in favor of industry.

Please add this to help balance this article. The area is prepared for pre-stripping using shovel loaders and dump trucks. You may improve this articlediscuss the issue on the talk pageor create a new articleas appropriate. Let us at least describe the reason opposition to mountaintop mining exists and stay away from describing it as being concerned with the "physical alteration of the landscape.

They are for disposal of waste materials from coal washing operations, which is done regardless of the mining method. These are ghost towns, where Massey has come in and bought out the towns, forced out the residents and plowed them under," said environmentalist Robert F.

Obtaining coal by mountaintop removal MTR obliterates Appalachian mountains and streams in several, methodical steps. Talk to the local people.

Mountaintop Removal in Central Appalachia

The biodiversity section and sludge ponds are already starting to look good. SNOW Article move request has been cancelled.

Mountaintop removal mining

Someone please add this site. Removing a mountain top implies not gluing together a replacement which is not practical with current costs and materials. Many of the issues here might not be the result of deliberate bias, but nonetheless exemplify what to strive to avoid when writng a neutral article.

The "Community action" section has been cut back a lot, and the title changed to "Books and films". Overlooked in the "Clean Coal" dialogue is the extraction of coal through mountaintop removal. Other MTR mines utilize small hollow fills in combination with back stacking on bench.What is mountaintop removal coal mining?

Mountaintop removal is a relatively new type of coal mining that began in Appalachia in the s as an extension of conventional strip mining techniques.

In West Virginia, a Battle Over Mountaintop Mining

Primarily, mountaintop removal is occurring in West Virginia, Kentucky, Virginia and Tennessee. "Mountaintop Removal in Central Appalachia" is part of the is drilled, blasted, and removed from the area.

Hundreds of feet may be removed from the top of the mountain during blasting. The now-exposed coal seam is splintered through blasting, and the coal is hauled away.

but two unanticipated consequences of this law were the. Trial Lawyers for Public Justice is the Washington D.C.-based public interest law firm that filed the first case challenging the legality of mountaintop removal mining on behalf of ten coalfield.

SELC uses the power of the law to champion all the things you love about the South: clean water, healthy air, mountains, forests, rural countryside, and the coast. the coal industry is leaving a path of destruction in the wake of mountaintop removal coal mining.

For the industry, this is a relatively cheap and expedient way to extract coal. Mountaintop removal mining (MTR), referred to in coal the industry as mountaintop mining/valley fills is surface mining involving extreme change to the summit or summit ridge of a mountain. trees and rock that lie on top of coal seams), which requires lots of manpower and expensive machinery, all you need to hit black gold in Appalachia are.

Free Essay: A Survey of Arguments Concerning Mountain Top Removal Mining There is an ongoing battle over the everlasting debate of mountain top removal.

Mountain top mining and the law essay
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