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And of course there are individuals who shrug off any attempt to infuse their jewelry with meaning. Different people have different notions, and their reasons for sporting a cross in a horizontal position will vary. Another story has Patrick marking the pagan symbol of the moon goddess a circle with a cross, and blessing the stone, making the first Celtic cross.

The whole cross is often decorated with ornate Gaelic patterns. As for what the sideways cross means, there are several theories. And they come in such a wide variety of sizes and styles, in gold, silver, diamond, and other gemstones and colors, that you are sure to be able to find a design that works well for anyone you have in mind.

Plus the flags of SwedenFinland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland all display a cross that is horizontal.

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So it can have any or all or none of the meanings outlined above. Others attach a more detailed meaning: The sideways or side cross is a relatively new approach to this type of jewelry, and has rapidly grown in popularity among celebrities and fashion savvy shoppers everywhere.

What is the origin and meaning of the Celtic cross? In fact, the side cross necklace can actually be worn so that the cross is standing upright if the wearer so desires.

When these crosses marked a religious holy site, they usually had a longer stem and are called Irish high crosses.

To them, any cross, sideways or not, is nothing more than a fashionable accessory. There are 38 items available. Some view the horizontal cross as a representation of the earth as opposed to heaven and the fact that this is where life is to be lived. Some point out that the Nordic cross, found on the national flags of all Scandinavian countries, is sideways.

With so many diverse opinions on what the sideways cross means, it is impossible to know for sure why someone wears one, unless she expresses her mind on the matter. Is it good for a Christian to wear a sideways cross?

There is a fashion trend today that involves a sideways cross, often worn on a necklace.~~U&C SUNDANCE ~ ~.

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The fish outline is a logical symbol for the early Christian church to adopt. Fish plays a major roll in the gospels. This ring is made of solid. sterling silver with a rhodium plating to help to maintain it's luster. | eBay! Sweet peas have been used on jewelry for thousands of years and were found on pieces in the excavation of the Minoan Palace on the Island of Crete.

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Sideways cross necklace palace oldest and
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