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They should absolutely be paying their fair share of Social Security. Of course, the legality of recording a conversation on the phone without telling the other parties varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so check the applicable laws and rules in your state before you do so.

You can also maintain a personal "Word List" so that the typist will know how to spell some of your unique favorite words, and you can even upload templates of frequently used documents such as a memorandum, correspondence on letterhead, etc. Having that piped in your brain for eight hours a day while being constantly criticised for any "error" you make while earning less than you would working at a gas station is tedious.

About Me About iPhone J. You can also setup a general non-legal account, which costs only 1. A product like Speakwrite account Dictation would, of course, actually type out speakwrite account words "no, strike that. The company itself has been doing transcriptions for 10 years and now offers a similar app for the Blackberry and the Android, plus you can record audio on your computer and upload that to SpeakWrite to have it transcribed.

When I discuss products from these companies on iPhone J. Start the app and you are quickly given the option to begin recording.

Some people claim to love working for this company, while others say that it was a terrible experience. The website says that they also offer their customers a mobile application where people can easily use their smartphone for recording and submitting any audio files and photos to their service, so that their customers will never need to spend money on other devices or software to use in the transcription process.

Often, I will also provide my own commentary on the product, and while my goal is to be honest, please keep in mind that I was compensated to promote the product. SpeakWrite gave me a 60 day trial period to use in connection with this review. Some of the work is also extremely challenging.

Advice to Management Pay your employees appropriately and get rid of that jacked up scheduling system. If you want to use your iPhone to record and transcribe text but want a more sophisticated product, SpeakWrite is a great solution.

In my tests with short paragraphs of text, turnaround time has frequently been only ten minutes. SpeakWrite -- dictation and transcription from your iPhone I am a big fan of Dragon Dictationthe free app that allows you to speak short messages to your iPhone, after which the audio is uploaded to a server which quickly transcribes the audio and then sends the text to your iPhone.

If you submit it, just give your job a title and the recording is uploaded to the SpeakWrite server where it is transcribed. This company claims you will be a contract employee but this is utter nonsense.

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When you are done, just press the large "Pause" button. If you want to save it, just give the audio file a title and it is added to your list of saved audio. Dictations are often very unpleasant subjects. But if this type of service fits into your law practice, SpeakWrite has done a very nice job with its iPhone app and its service in general, so you will want to check it out.

SpeakWrite made a huge amount of money on my work - huge. I should have made twice as much as I did from the first day of employment to the last.

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February 25, Review: Reputation Most of the reviews of this company that can easily be found online are not for the transcription services themselves, but are for the work at home opportunity they provide for the people they hire to do their actual transcribing, and these reviews seem to be mixed at best.

SpeakWrite sends you an e-mail to confirm that it has received your file and then another e-mail when the file is done, with the text attached to the e-mail. It took me at least 6 months to become proficient enough with their bizarre rules to even make minimum wage.

Once you pause you are given the option to playback your recording, erase it, add to it, save it or submit it. Most of all, the company pay has remained flat since the business opened, despite charging clients more and more. First, they do not require any contract transcriptions, as all their services are considered pay-as-you-go.

SpeakWrite Reviews

You can come back later and listen to the audio, e-mail it, add to it or edit it, and then when you are ready you can finally submit it. Note that SpeakWrite is not just an iPhone app. There is even a number you can call, enter your account, and then speak to have whatever you say on the phone transcribed.

Neutral Outlook Pros Set your own schedule; over time a lot of timeyou can make halfway decent money. Of course, using real typists comes with a price. Indeed, in my last test before starting this review, I recorded in an environment with lots of loud background noise plus I purposely interrupted my dictation to say things like "no, strike that" and then said it differently etc.

I, very begrudgingly, have to admit without SpeakWrite, I may not have gotten back on my feet. My biggest complaint is that the company goes to great lengths to ensure that typists can not communicate with each other unless it is supervised. If you have any questions about this, just send me an e-mail or post a comment on a specific product review.The User ID or password you entered was incorrect.

Please contact [email protected] with questions. © SpeakWrite All Rights Reserved. SpeakWrite is a technology company providing human-powered transcription and digital documentation solutions to industries such as law firms, state government, law enforcement, insurance and other private sector users.

Mar 05,  · Re: Are Speak Write and Quicktate Scams? SpeakWrite has been around for years and is currently hiring for legal transcriptionists.

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If you don't have experience as a legal transcriptionists its probably not worth your time to apply. Review: SpeakWrite -- dictation and transcription from your iPhone I am a big fan of Dragon Dictation, the free app that allows you to speak short messages to your iPhone, after which the audio is uploaded to a server which quickly transcribes the audio and then sends the text to your iPhone.

This feature requires a SpeakWrite account, and you'll be asked to enter your account number and PIN. If you don't have a SpeakWrite account, you can still use the app to save dictated audio files. Nov 02,  · Create an account or Sign In.

Work at Home SpeakWrite Customer Service Deceptive Business Practices SpeakWrite / Deceptive Business Practices.

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