The importance of studying philippine history to the field of information technology

Filipinos were forced and trained how to memorize dates, persons, places and events without even understanding what they memorized. Our ignorance of the past is not the result of a lack of information, but of indifference.

Using Skype or other programs like it, you can call other mobile Skype users for free to talk face to face. What a historian finds significant is not entirely a personal choice; it is largely shaped by his training and his colleagues. During the past decade, soybean has been extensively studied due to its amino acid polypeptide called Lunasin.

Why is it important to study history?

He stated that he planned a project to have medical interns do a tour of duty in provincial hospitals to arouse their social conscious and reduce the "brain drain.

Learn the governance tools of information technology with an online class. The fact that we are a true blooded Filipinos, the fact that every generation was and will always be a product of history, history will always be a relevant subject regardless of what course a student takes up.

The gaps are filled with plausible conjecture. Changes in technology make it difficult for older employees to adapt as quickly as their younger peers.

Filipinos in the pre-colonial and early colonial past ate mostly aquatic resources such as marine fish, freshwater shellfish, and coral reef resources.

He interviewed scores of prisoners and did extensive research to chronicle the genesis and development of the chain of labor camps that dotted the Soviet Union. Social media is also another area of communication available because of information technology.

His book covers topics such as traffic management and regulations, traffic flow, traffic studies, intersection design and control, geometric design of highways, road safety, traffic accident analysis, travel demand forecasting, the origin-destination table OD Matrixand the intelligent transportation system.

Why Is It Important to Study History?

Without such advances, these jobs would not exist. Most modern historians would claim there is no absolute truth. Sigua, a professor at the Institute of Civil Engineering in the University of the Philippines, Diliman, wrote a book called The Fundamentals of Traffic Engineering due to the scarcity of textbooks on the traffic engineering relevant to the Philippine context.

Zinn is outraged by the traditional practice of telling the history of a nation as though all members of that nation shared the same interests. It is also believed that along with opening a great communication window, information technology has begun to create a dominant culture.

Columbus is one of those individuals.IMPORTANCE OF PHILIPPINE LITERATURE Many of you may wonder why we need to study of the country and its culture and traditions, allowing natives and foreigners the ability to understand Philippine history.

Science and technology in the Philippines

We need to study the Philippine literature because by this we can preserve the literature we have today. Studying literature. Jul 28,  · The Importance of Philippine History Subject by: Maribeth Q. Galindo July 28, Posted by beth95 in relationships.

Tags: Add new tag, the importance of Philippine history subjects trackback Often times, my students in Philippine history ask ”Ma’am, is the teaching of Philippine history subject still relevant in our course? Sep 12,  · The study of Philippine history is important in understanding the present.

By studying history, we get an idea of how our world has been shaped by events in the. Only through studying history can we grasp how things change; only through history can we begin to comprehend the factors that cause change; and only through history can we understand what elements of an institution or a society persist despite change.

The Importance of History in Our Own Lives. Why study history? The answer is. The Importance of History. by David Crabtree. however. Take, for example, a historian studying the story of Jonathan and David.

If all of the historian’s close same-sex relationships have been sexual, he will be unable to conceive of Jonathan and David’s relationship as being anything else. This perspective dominated the field about. May 23,  · Read more about how each field has been changed using information technology below.

The Importance of Information Technology and Its Disadvantages

The Importance of Information Technology in Business. With the introduction of computers, the business world was changed forever. Using computers and software, businesses use information technology to ensure that their departments Author: Natasha Quinonez.

The importance of studying philippine history to the field of information technology
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