The modern women essay

Not a difficult thing to happen but only if the men folk reorient their thinking on these lines. The whole family, parents, brothers, sisters, all cannot be accommodated under one roof, therefore the concept of the family centers round the husband, the wife and their one or two children.

But again to bring the ruling of the highest court in play, the harassed woman shall have to take recourse to the court which, in itself, is no easy matter. But with the development of industry, the role of women in modern society has significantly changed after the First World War.

This is the compulsion of the situation. That alone can, to some extent, minimize the problem of looking after the children as also sharing the household chores. Then there are problems with the career-women at their work places too. With the price-index escalating every day it is also found necessary that the wife, if she has the requisite academic qualifications, which generally she is able to possess, should also be working and supplementing the family income.

Those days are gone where the daughters were discriminated against in everything vis-a-vis the sons, Daughters, sometimes, have been found to be more dashing and more achieving in their academic fields and have earned a respectable career on their own merit.

Sometimes cousins also shared the same home. The wife should be treated more like a colleague and a co-partner — the husband to be a co-sharer and not the demanding partner.

The Role Of Women In The Modern World Essay

Even in areas which are far away from their traditional role as a housewife. Much of this problem would stand mitigated by this deterrence. Rearing children, cooking meals for the large joint family, or at best in their spare time doing some tailoring or knitting, but all within the four walls of the house — this was considered to be their only way of life.

They were only used as sex toys and they were worse than slaves. Modern women have proved that they are second to none, whether it is home, or outside home at their workplace. This was the opening up of the new horizon for womanhood in India.

There have been cases reported in the papers everyday, of harassment by colleagues or by superiors. With changing times, they have risen [ up to the occasion and managed the work both inside and outside the home at her work place. Gradually women began to get educated, even highly educated, and a stage came when some of them came out on the social and political field to rub shoulder with the men folk in these fields.

Essay on Role Of Women In Society

At home, the husband should learn to share equal burden in running the household. In western countries men and women are working shoulder to shoulder in the same pace and both are contributing and playing their parts equally in the developmental processes.Essay about Women In Modern Society - The 19th century was an unfavorable period for women and woman’s rights.

It was a period in which society was dominated by males, where the primary source of income in the family and also the final decisions in the house were left to the man. Free Essay: Traditional Roles of Women in Religion and the Challenges Imposed by Modern Society A man is incomplete without a woman, and a woman is.

An essay or paper on Role of Women in Modern Society. Women today are coming forth in modern social trends. This feminism may appear too extreme and rather threatening to the male ego, yet the role of women in current society has drastically changed.

Perhaps there is some explanation for their actions. Women are now regularly performing. The role of women in society has been greatly overseen in the last few decades. In the early days women were seen as wives who were intended to. Essay on Role Of Women In Society OUTLINES: ( Words) did you have any essay on science and the modern world.


December 26, moinudin. your thought is very good and your essay is superb i love this essay thankyou 4 this essay. Reply.

Short Essay on Women in Modern Indian Society

December 26, moinudin. For example, the modern woman may compete in the workplace for positions such as doctors, engineers, architects, and construction workers.

These occupations were previously dominated by men. Today you see women climbing the corporate ladder of large companies earning salaries approaching, if not equivalent, to those of men/5(3).

The modern women essay
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