Tyranny of teams

What has been the reaction? But from July 1, Amazon is making changes to what Australian customers can buy and which parts of the company they can access.

Amazon has not disclosed which products available to Australian customers on its US website will no longer be accessible after the change. But it is unclear how Australian prices Tyranny of teams compare with its stores in other countries.

WA E-commerce giant Amazon made headlines last year when it opened its first Australian warehouse in December. These forward-shipping services provide a US delivery address for retail purchases, allowing goods to be sent overseas without triggering any shipping restrictions. Customers were thought to be the winners after gaining access to a local portal of the biggest retailer in the world.

Online shopping While Amazon will not ship to Australian customers, US parcel shipping services will not be subject to any ban.

Amazon will block Australians from overseas sites from July Here's how it will affect you

Amazon There are some cosmetic differences, too. Australians have been free to buy goods from the United States via Amazon. The company says it will no longer ship from its international websites to Australian addresses starting from the new financial year, and will redirect all Australian customers trying to use the US website back to the local one.

Most of the impact was expected to be felt by local bricks-and-mortar retailers. However, starting in the new financial year, online retailers must apply GST to all purchases made overseas and shipped to Australia, regardless of the price.

Amazon says it is making the change to remain compliant with new GST collection laws coming into effect on July 1. However, the company says it will launch an international platform — the Amazon Global Store — which will offer more than 4 million items that were previously available exclusively on the US website.

Amazon tweet Can I get around the ban, and is it legal? The Amazon Australia landing page is all Australian shoppers will see after July 1.

What will I see now when I log on to Amazon? Some customer profile functions available to US Amazon customers are not offered for Australian accounts. These include garage, pets, credit cards, music library and photos options.

So what exactly is changing?Customers were thought to be the winners when Amazon Australia launched. But from July 1, all access to international Amazon stores will be blocked by the retail giant. Here's why they are doing.

Tyranny of teams
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